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A Full Spectrum of Creative Services & Products, Concept to Completion

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Every business needs "packaging," even if what you sell doesn't come in a box.

This “package” is what you present to customers to help you sell. Each part of the package is important and has a job to do: your logo, brand style, colors, graphics, photos, company story, product message, website, sales materials, videos, physical packaging – to name a few. How valuable is it to invest in getting this right? As essential as experienced legal and financial services.

After working with hundreds of startups and small businesses, we’ve seen it all. Two scenarios repeat over and over again:

1) Owners are good at what they do, so they think “I can do my own design and marketing – and save a boatload of money too!”

2) “I got a guy” referrals from friends and associates.

Would you hire an apprentice to design and build your house?

On the surface both might sound like a good idea, but let’s look again:

1) Trying to do your own marketing will cost you time and money, most likely cost you missed sales, and create irretrievable first impressions that may actually damage your business. 

2) Like DIY marketing, saving a few bucks by hiring “junior talent” can cost much more than what you may save – maybe even your business. Experience matters. 

Someone has to say it. You need professional help 🙂

You’ll quickly see the benefit of working with the SpotSyt Studios team, both short and long term. Through the years we’ve seen our work transform a business, not once but many times. 

These are just a few examples of our work. Now let’s talk about your business!

Before/After: Company Name Change and Re-brand Examples (use arrows to slide left and right):
Before After
Before After
Before After
Re-Brand of Existing Logo Examples:
Before After
Before After
Before After
We love to work with a wide variety of companies and hand-tailor custom solutions for each one:

*NOTE: All images are shown for the purpose of demonstrating the capabilities of the SpotSyt Studios team only. No rights are granted to download or copy them. Logos, trademarks, and artwork are protected by copyright and other laws and are the property of our clients.

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