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About Us

SpotSyt™ equips your business to increase sales using our methods to:
   1) Connect to more prospects
   2) Convert them to customers
   3) Continue the relationshiip

The Big Idea

Founded in Southern California in 2021 with deep agency roots in advertising and design that span over 25 years, SpotSyt is gaining momentum as the better alternative to current options: a traditional agency or DIY (Do-It-Yourself) apps and websites.

Our innovative model has four specialties: ShowSpot™, Studios, Labs, and BrandCamp™, designed to provide the game-changing help that businesses need most.

Every Business Needs to Grow Sales 

In today’s economy, the need is even greater. According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics research (, 20% of new businesses fail within two years, 45% in 5. We help owners acquire more customers and sales conversions to stay in business, earn more, and create new jobs.

The SpotSyt Team

At the core of our team are specialists able to offer seasoned expertise, innovative solutions, and true help to market your business more effectively and profitably.

LC Circle
Linda Carlberg

CEO | Founder | CCO

With 25+ years of experience as an agency owner, I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses from rising star startups to mega corporations. We’re building new ways to connect your business to more customers in today’s marketplace.
Welcome to SpotSyt™!

Mentor / Advisor
Silicon Valley and London U.K.

SpotSyt™ is Based in Southern California