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New Ways to Sell Today.

One size doesn’t fit all when going to market. Your business is unique and so are your customers. Through SpotSyt™ Labs, we develop alternative, creative ways to sell products. Here are three examples. Let’s talk about finding the right fit for your business. Contact us here.

Shared Revenue Programs

For business owners that prefer to have SpotSyt help with finding customers and closing sales in exchange for a percentage of
the profit.

Community Platforms

Our alternative to social media advertising: gather useful information and products together by interest groups in their own platform. We’re building them now. See below:

Veggie Groove™ is our first Community Platform, launched in February 2023.
Click the logo above to visit our site.

U.S. Market

We are working with businesses in London, U.K. bringing their products to the U.S. market, expanding to other locations. Shared Revenue Program and other plans available.