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Get Outside and See the Stars Again

As a business owner, it’s important to take time to get out of the fast lane and find a place to take a deep breath and look at the bigger picture. Then it’s easier to see what is and isn’t working about your sales and marketing strategy. Let’s “get outside” your business and explore how to replace what isn’t working and fix what’s broken together.

For busy startup founders and small business owners, marketing can be overwhelming. Yet finding customers and getting sales conversions are essential for survival. You may already realize you can’t do it all and need help. You’re not alone – you’re in the majority! We can help.

If you’ve been in business awhile, you probably wish you could get off the treadmill long enough to evaluate whether you’re making progress – or just in a loop. Maybe things are slowing down and you need to figure out why. Every business needs to pause and reflect, then fix or replace what isn’t working.

When was the last time you did?

Introducing BrandCamp™ by SpotSyt™

Online Group Sessions

Once a week, for eight weeks, you’ll meet online for two hours with your “camper cohort” and one or more experts about the week’s topic. Each session is different. For part of the session, some will be able to share their findings and questions with the group so everyone can learn from each other “around the campfire.”

Individual Assignments

Each week, you’ll have an assignment to complete on your own, designed to help you dig into your businesses’ unique issues and discover ways to improve them. There will be questions to answer and exercises to do - some combined with research or watching a video message. The variety of content is designed to challenge you in different ways.

"Camp Counselor" Sessions

Every week you’ll also have a small group session online with three others in your cohort with a “Camp Counselor” for even more personal input and feedback about the week’s topic and your assignment.

Trail Mix

To supply you with energy and encouragement on your weekly journeys, we’ll provide links to helpful resources to keep you going strong.

8 Week Online Program
Session Topics
Week 1
Your Company Quest

We begin at base camp, taking inventory and looking at the current state of what you’ve done to date. We’ll compare this to where you want to take your business and document it as your map.

Your Challenge

Preparing for obstacles and “mountains” between you and your goals requires planning. You’ll define the issues that need to be addressed and steps to take to address and manage them.

Week 3
Your Customers

No matter what you sell or do, you’re in the people business! We’ll work on understanding who your ideal customers are, where they gather, and what motivates and means most to them. Discover this and you’ll learn how to make better connection strategies – and more sales!

Week 4
Your Story

This week we’ll focus on telling the story of your business, products, and what sets you apart from the pack. Why is this important? For two reasons: your own clarity as the owner and to create authentic “open-door” reasons to do business with you.



Week 5
Your Brand

After laying important groundwork during the first four sessions, it’s now time to work on your brand. Branding is much more than a name, logo, and tagline. We’ll compare what you brought to base camp in week one with what you’ve learned up to this point. Is there still a match – or can improvements be made? We’ll discover together.

Week 6
Your Opportunities

In week two, you identified challenges that need to be faced. Alongside challenges, there are often opportunities (like a common issue other businesses haven’t solved but you can). How can you work with these to your benefit? What will be the next target for your growth? What fresh “pioneer thinking” can take you to the next level?

Week 7
Your Plan

We’ve all heard “failing to plan is planning to fail” because it’s true! Smart strategy, combined with documentation, accountability and follow-through is essential to reach your short-term and long-term goals. We’ll look at ways to help you stay on track, especially as a busy founder or small business owner.

Week 8
Your Future

Before we “break camp” and you follow your new and improved map of where to go next, we’ll take some time to share examples and breakthroughs you and your camper cohort have made. It will also be a helpful time of inspiration and encouragement – something we all need as entrepreneurs and business adventure-seekers!

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