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The 5 Step SpotSyt™ System
The SpotSyt Marketing System includes five interconnected components designed to work together. Unlike do-it-yourself platforms that only give you tools (and may charge for more than you need), SpotSyt includes strategy and content co-creation, plus the right tools to generate more revenue and leads for your business.

1. Strategy

The foundation of your strategy is knowing your customers. Who are they today? What’s most important to them? Where and when do they buy your products? What’s missing or can be improved? It’s key to know the answer to these and other questions. Knowing your customer means you can deliver what they respond to more frequently. We’ll help you find the unique answers for your business.​

2. Co-Creation of Content

Here’s another key difference that sets us apart. DIY platforms don’t help you with the most important part of marketing: your content. Technology is great, but it doesn’t care about people. It’s just a tool. Your customers are people! With a solid strategy and real customer knowledge in place, we can help you create (or produce for you) the right video, podcast, PDFs, offers, surveys and more - all custom-designed for your business. If design, copywriting, branding and product storytelling are not your strengths, invest in professional help. The SpotSyt team has the talent and experience you need and a plan that will fit your needs and budget.

3. SpotSyt™ Design & Construction

While your content is in development, we’ll begin the design and construction of your SpotSyt microsite. The strategy we worked out gave us the plan for what customers want and great content will help generate response. Now it’s time to build the right tool and program the interactive features. Your Syt’s graphics will be custom-branded for your business, not a one-size-fits-all template. After thorough testing, the next step is to launch!​

4. Launch Points

One of the most amazing features of SpotSyt is the way you can use it. There are virtually unlimited launch points that connect with customers: online, in print, on products, in email, sent as a text message and much more. Anywhere a hyperlink or QR code can be placed is a launch point for your Syt. In addition, your unique Syt address can be typed in any browser, just like a website. The strategy we developed will also help determine the best place and type of launch point to use for optimum results.​

5. SytStats™ Analytics & Tracking

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” Peter Drucker

While your Syt is live online, real-time data is being continuously collected about your (anonymous) prospects and customers to measure what they actually are responding to, replacing guesswork with facts. Facts allow us to work together to improve response over time and get better and better results. In addition to tracking clicks on your SpotSyt content, other useful user data will be reported: date, time, city, country, device, browser, and more. Contact us for more information about our legally-allowed data collection services.

Data-driven, Improved Results

The information we gather from your actual customers and audience gives us data to improve the results of the next campaign.