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NEW! Our Open Agency™ model is coming this fall: BrandCamp™, ShowSpace™, SpotSyt Studios™ and SpotSyt Labs™ (coming in 2023)
SpotSyt™ Marketing Systems
We help startups and small businesses find more customers and sales
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You may already have a website, social media, lots of apps, online tools and gadgets. You probably keep adding more, thinking the next thing will be the answer. Instead, it’s becoming impossible to manage. After all the time and money you’ve spent, is it working? What’s missing?
What's Missing?
Your Customer!
Here's why. Technology and automated marketing platforms don't care about people. They're just tools. But customers are people.
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Welcome to SpotSyt!

Our marketing system is different from Do-It Yourself (DIY) , technology-only platforms in two major ways.

One, we help with actual customer acquisition instead of just handing you a “box” of tools (many you’d pay for and never use).

Two, our model is a Do-It-Together (DIT) system. Now you don’t need the time and skills it takes to be an expert in online marketing to get more customer conversions. We’ll work with you.

Instead of paying for things you don’t use and don’t work, invest in a plan to create more sales and income for your business the better way – with SpotSyt!

Here are just four ways we’ll help your business:

1. Help you understand your customer better
2. Help build content that creates crazy interest in what you do
3. Make taking the next step an easy handoff
4. Measure the results, improve, and do it again!
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What is a SpotSyt?
A SpotSyt is a custom-designed customer experience delivered online in a single or multiple page format using video, audio, and documents. SpotSyts are more flexible, fresh, and focused than a website. They deliver “less is better” content that’s concentrated for stronger response and sales.
Four Plans to Choose From:
SpotSyt™ can help you find more customers, whether you're just getting started or already established. Here are just a few of the features included with each plan:
Per month
6 Month Program
Find Product/Market Fit, Investors, First Customers
Consultation & Strategy
Unlimited Launchpoints
Per month
Provide Your Own Content
Consultation and Strategy
6 Flex Hours Included
Single Page SpotSyt Annual Plan with Content Switches
Per month
2 Single Page or 1 Multi-page Super SpotSyt™
Customer Research
12 Content, 12 Flex Hours
Annual Plan
Per month
1 Single Page AND 1 Multi-page Super SpotSyt
Customer Research
24 Content, 20 Flex Hours
Annual Plan