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SpotSyt™ Content Policy

The foundation of the SpotSyt platform is to help, never harm, and be “safe” for all ages. For this reason, we have established standards for the content we will – and will not – publish. Each ad and all content are filtered to prevent prohibited and adult material from being posted.

The following content is NOT Permitted on the SpotSyt platform:

  • Pornography, nudity, or harmful exploitation.
  • Selling guns or weapons.
  • Cruelty, harm, or violence of any kind to people or animals.
  • Excessive cursing and/or highly offensive language.
  • Encouragement/promotion of harmful addictions: drugs, alcohol, smoking, or gambling.
  • Hate-based content.
  • Illegal or terrorist activities or materials of any kind.
  • Destruction of public property or stealing.
  • Instructions about making/using weapons for illegal purposes.
  • Political advertisements.