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Frequently Asked Questions     

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Imagine a website as a file cabinet with lots of drawers and “extra stuff.”

Users today are on information overload. They just want the folder” they need.

A SpotSyt is the folder. We drive more response and sales than a website alone. Less is better and far more flexible.

Scroll down to see a comparison between websites and SpotSyts.

The uses for SpotSyts are unlimited! Whether you’re selling a product, a service, an experience, or proprietary content by subscription, you can do it better with a SpotSyt. For example:

  • Better online selling: Give buyers what they need to know to buy faster
  • Better product support: Information, demonstrations and instructions after the sale
  • Better earnings: Sell direct without commissions or media cost
  • Better customer retention: Stay in contact, make special offers or bundles and give VIP customers unique content experiences

See many more uses on the Ideas & Customer Trips page.

It’s only getting harder for businesses to stand out online. With the playing field becoming more and more level for similar products, it’s easy for customers to buy from someone else.

It’s a fact: no one can sell your product as well as you and your sales team can. SpotSyts allow you to tell and sell the way YOU want to. While your competition uses a few bullet points and a photo (boring!), you can present a better, interactive customer experience buyers will love – and respond to.

The bigger the net, the more fish you can catch. SpotSyts connect your business with more customers in new places from an unlimited number of locations – online, in print, on products and more.

Never! Our content is streamed from dedicated servers we control, not mass video sites or platforms clogged with irritating ads and distractions. Your SpotSyt will be customized for your unique business and audience alone.

We offer plans and options for all types of businesses, from startups just beginning their brand and marketing, to corporations with a marketing department and content already prepared.

A SytSpecialist will discuss your needs with you and explain your options. Our goal is to help you succeed and work together as you grow. We’re playing on the same team!

Schedule a free half hour session here.

No. SpotSyts are extremely flexible. We’ll work with you to design a Syt that fits your needs and audience. For example: you may only need videos, or a series of podcasts, or one video “class” with several PDF assignments. The creative ways to make a great customer experience are unlimited!

Yes! For example, we can create highly cost-effective programs for franchises with multiple  locations, sales organizations with many reps, or manufacturers selling a wide variety of products.

Contact us for more information.

SpotSyts use our programming and technology, designed to work within a system we manage and control – including servers. This is how we are able to offer ad-free, customized private service for our clients that’s both efficient and secure. There’s no need to learn any programming or download software, nor are cookies required for users to view Syts.

For certain clients, we are able to offer APIs and other solutions. Contact us for more information.

Websites have a job to do. SpotSyts have another. Here are some key differences: